Marak graha in horoscope

Death takes place when longevity comes to an end, But if longevity is still left and Markesh dasha or its antardasha starts, there can be serious troubles related to health. Also one needs to be careful with accidents or any untoward incidents in its periods.

Analysis of Markesha in Kundali

Dasha and antardasha periods create events in life and transits deliver those events. So also we need to examine transits whenever there are a bad dasha and antardasha is in place. Transit of natural malefics on 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana brings sudden and serious health issues and if longevity touches its limit then even death may also come to the person. We will discuss the concept of 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana in detail in further articles. This child took his last breath on and the day was the birthday of his elder brother.


Losing the younger child on the birthday of the elder child was a big shock for the parents. This child died due to accidental fall from a height near to his house and the death was immediate. Placement of Rahu and Saturn is in 6th and 8th house respectively. Mercury is the 8th and 11th house lord and a strong functional malefic planet for Scorpio ascendant.

Mercury as an 8th lord controls longevity.


Rahu and Saturn afflict Mercury from their positions which affected the longevity of the child. Transits were also not favourable at the time of death which we will discuss in the next part of this article. If he is strong placement wise, rashi wise, shadvarga wise etc.

Maraka effects can be defined in the following manner.

If he is not strong or afflicted Marak could be the primary reason for death instead of 6th, 8th and 12th lords. For the matters other than death, marak planet should not be considered as BAD, like trik lords are considered generally bad.

Time of death Vedic astrology -Part 1

If sun or moon is the 8th lord then both 6th and 8th lords are equally malefic that is 8th lord is somewhat lesser malefic -this is again very important. But when we come to death matters, marak grah is equally bad as 8th lord is, this is extremely important to understand but as I said only when it is weak of under malefic influence.

Many astrologers, without ascertaining the general age, just jump to see the effect of Marak which is also wrong. One should first have a clear idea that whether the person has madhyaaayu or chiraayu etc also one should see that whether or not the native has unexpected death aakal Mrityu.

Markesh - a period of bad times

Just with the glimpse of a chart, an astrologer should be able to ascertain, that whether the native would have natural death or violent unnatural death or aakal Mrityu. Unnatural death could be due to accident Fire, air, water, earth vehicle related , suicide, black magic, in operation theater or murder etc.

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Note: For determining the kind of death, the nature of planets should be seen like mars, ketu are specifically violent, so can give violent death. Is it that Marak grah will always behave Like Marak? If Yes why, If No why?

If yes, is it more malefic than 6th or 8th lords? If yes why, If NO why?