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These two zodiac signs couldn't be any more opposite from one another, and in love these traits are magnified. Virgo is earthy energy. Pisces is the element of water. What Virgo structures, Pisces fills.

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In a sense, they need each other. But this isn't an easy relationship.

It requires work and effort and learning how to get along with one another. Something that, again, shows their polarity. Virgo can approach this with a critical spirit and push the Pisces to change. Pisces may love on Virgo's harder aspects of the loss and detriment of the self. The Moon represents feelings and emotional responses. For lovers, emotions that are Pisces like means forgiveness, loving people the way that they are, unlimited belief in others and seeing the depths of another person's soul.

No one really can comprehend the love of a Pisces person.

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When the Moon is housed in this zodiac sign it's exalted. Similar to its transit in the sign of Libra or Taurus, the Moon can express itself. You can show the ones you love more support and learn to open your heart again if you've felt a bit jaded on the inside.

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The energy shared between these two zodiac signs opens the door to mutual understanding and respect. There's a possibility for Pisces to accept Virgo as they are, and love them the same, but not feel the need to change who they are in the process. Yearly Virgo horoscopes for in our Virgo horoscope area feature yearly love predictions for Virgo relationships in Drop by often for free Virgo yearly love horoscope forecasts.

Virgo yearly relationship astrology predictions for the whole year ahead are popping up everywhere and love horoscopes are appearing regularly! In relationships, Virgos can be quite charming but are often seen as cold, even Vulcan on the surface. Virgos run deep though and this surface appearance may mask their deep sensitivity and desire to help others. Their symbol is the only female in the zodiac, expressing yin feminine energy.

In love, Virgos make excellent husbands and wives and are very affectionate when they feel safe and close to their partner.

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  • Sexually, Virgo is anything but Virgin and their partners may find themselves with a lover who will go to great lengths to find exactly what pleases them. If you like reading our free Virgo love predictions, Virgo romantic forecasts and relationship predictions for Virgo, come back soon for your brief outlook or in-depth overview! We feature free love horoscopes for and romantic astrology predictions for Virgo couples and singles, and for all zodiac signs.

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    Interpretations from compatibility conflict report. It is your way of being present even though you are actually not there.

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    Also, how compatible their fathers are. Lucky colors for september 16th birthdays: indigo: this is a perceptive color that represents wisdom, royalty, organization and selflessness.